Happy Progress

Well, I know I’ve been talking about this senryu book for some time. It has seen some serious work over the years. But at last, I can confidently say it’s done. I went back to it after my post here last summer, added quite a few more poems and pictures and spent a lot of brain time on the arrangement of them. As it goes off to my editor this week, it now stands at 100 poems and twenty drawings.

For somebody that has been writing verse for over fifty years, it strikes me as bizarre that a) this is my first book of poetry and b) that I chose the most concentrated form of wordplay I could find for it. I was never known for verbosity but this is ridiculous. Seventeen syllables is not a lot of real estate in which to build a structure worth visiting by guests. To do it 100 times takes a certain kind of crazy. And yet, here we are.

My little illustrated book of poems will be out this spring.