Scribbling away in the shrubbery…

Gustave Doré

My fairy tales are progressing, slow but sure. (It’s never fast enough for me.)  I did a little minor update of The Seven Sisters today. I didn’t change any of the text. But I sharpened up the images and fixed their proportions, so the book is looking much nicer.

With all I learned, I started formatting The Boy Smith. I’d been tinkering for a while and today did all the layout and finally got an ISBN for it. The cover is done, so stay tuned for the reveal.

It’s pretty much set now: the third fairy tale will be The Dollmaker’s Daughter. I was hoping to delay its publication till winter, as a bunch of it takes place near Christmas. But I’m pretty excited about showing it to the world. It’s definitely in my top three favorites. Right now, I’m giving it a last go-over before I send it off to my editor. It’ll be out September 7th, 2014.


(Image credit: Gustave Doré, from Puss in Boots)