A major milestone…


I finished The Dollmaker’s Daughter this morning and sent it off to Marg, my wonderful editor. I couldn’t be happier – even if I won the lottery or a trip around the world.

The first draft of this tale was written 21 years ago and I thought then, it was finished – at least finished enough that it was worth trying to publish. I sent it off to a couple of places, and now, I am quite comfortable with their rejections. It wasn’t good enough.

Over the next couple of ┬ádecades, I tried various things. I must have scribbled 100,000 words and spent many hundreds of hours over it. It wasn’t until 2012 that I finally found an angle that would make it, not just good, but great.

Yeah, yeah, it’s tough for a writer to talk about his own work in glowing terms without sounding like an egoist or a self-promoting putz. I love this story. It’s the first of these three that is far more heart than head. And I tried my best to be fearless in writing it, trying to keep it true and heart-wrenching, and avoid anything sappy. And this morning, when Nora, my darling hard-assed-editor wife, came out of my office red-eyed and plainly choked up after reading it, well, I knew I had succeeded.

It’ll be out in about five weeks, so stay tuned.


(Image credit: Howard Pyle, The Story of King Arthur and His Knights)