Getting there…

The Dollmaker's Daughter - under happy construction

The ebook-making gods are apparently smiling on me. Unlike the images for my first two fairy tale covers, the latest one has taken me an extraordinary amount of time to find. For The Seven Sisters, there was only one image – right from the beginning. For The Boy Smith, ten pretty good options. But for this latest one, when I reached 31 potential images and was still unsatisfied and, needless to say, frustrated, I knew I needed a different research tack. As soon as I took that different direction, BAM! I had my cover.

Part of the trouble is that of the three tales, this one is by far the most personal. And though the subject (the absent parent) is quite universal, my characters have not been the subjects of many classical European paintings.

The tale is back from my editor, Marg. And as you can see, I’ve started on the layout. I’m both leery and excited to get this story out into the world – it means so much to me. Want an escalator into my twisted brain? Wait for September 7th, when The Dollmaker’s Daughter is released.