Seven Tales

Seven Tales

Well, the book is done and sent off to the printer. My sense of relief is outdone only by my excitement. I can’t wait for people to read it! Huge thanks to my editor Marg Gilks, who did a rigorous job editing the stories. And to Dianna Little for the extraordinary layout of the book (wait till you see the decorative ornaments inside!).

My wife Nora played no small part either and helped me hugely on several fronts. She read and critiqued the tales as a devoted reader, a staunch feminist and a professional editor. She never let me get away with anything iffy, let me tell you.

I can’t wait for this fall when I get to share the book with kids in schools. For me, it’s almost (almost!) as much fun reading to kids as it is scribbling away in my office.

So there it is. Twenty years of writing between the two thin covers of a book. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it.

If you’re a blogger or reviewer and would like an advance review copy of Seven Tales, you can email me here: EmailAddr