Finished and Released

Seven Tales by G.C. McRae

Well, it’s been a long road to the completion of this book. I’ve been reading from my proof copy to kids in schools this past week and the response has been pretty great. Nobody wants to wait for it. “Why can’t I buy that one?” they ask, pointing to the book in my hand. It’s been amusing trying to explain that these stories had their gestation two of their lifetimes ago. They just don’t grasp it. I may as well tell them I’ve been working on it since infinity.

The official launch will be at Audreys Books on Saturday afternoon at 2:00, November 14th. Here’s the Facebook event for it, and of course, everyone’s welcome. On October 14th, I’ll be reading from it at my old haunt, The Kasbar as featured reader during Mike Gravel’s The Rasp and the Wine series.

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Link to the Print edition on Amazon
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