So, who is G.C.McRae? Moi?

I read. I write. I read what I write, mostly to kids and for everyone’s entertainment, as often as possible. Reading and writing seem to be the two constants of my life.

Most of what I write has a humorous bent to it, even when it is darker than a coal-miner’s cough. For the past couple of decades I have been writing fairy tales. Very traditional fairy tales with kings and princesses and good old-fashioned giants. This comes from a deep love of myth and folklore, but also the simple pleasure of reading aloud.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My parents were miners and loggers from Northern Ontario and before that, from Scotland and England. I’m very happily married and between my wife and I we have quite the pile of kids. More heirs than hairs, you might say.

About six years ago we moved to a small farm east of Edmonton. I spend my mornings writing and editing and my afternoons gardening, building things and cooking. I also consume vast quantities of books, music and television, because, well… I can.

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