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Pretty Ballerina is about a little girl who thinks she has created the most wonderful drawing and runs to show her family what she’s made. The problem is, it’s all scribbles to them and the girl takes great pains to correct them.

This was the first big kids poem I wrote for my daughters. After only one or two bedtime hearings, they remembered most of the words and had their friends at school chanting the chorus in the schoolyard. So when the teachers at the school asked me to come and read for the kids, it was the start of something amazing.

Pretty Ballerina, Bunky Mutt Books (MacDonald Warne) 2016
44 pages, 8.5×8.5″, ISBN: 978-0-9876845-3-0
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The Tooth


There’s nothing worse than losing your tooth before you can cash it in with the Tooth Fairy. But if you do, it’s nice to have a Dad who will stop at nothing to find it again. Even if it means taking apart the sink, the bathroom, even most of the house.

Oh, the things that fathers do to help their kids. This poem always gets a big reaction when I read it. It’s silly right from the get-go, proceeds through lunacy with innocent good humor, and ends with a bang. And of course, every kid has lost a tooth at some point, so they can all relate.

The Tooth, Bunky Mutt Books (MacDonald Warne) 2012
36 pages, 8.5×8.5″, ISBN: 978-0987684523
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The Cannibal Anaconda

When mother goes to start baking, she finds that certain delicious ingredients have disappeared from her cupboard. Her little boy is sure he knows who did it. “It was the cannibal anaconda and his band of mutineers with their gribby grabby hands and their ten foot spears!” But his mother isn’t buying it.

The Cannibal Anaconda was inspired by true events. My oldest daughter liked to sneak out of bed and dig into my stash of Callebaut chocolate. Her secret hiding place for it happened to be under the pillow of her little sister. Now, years later, little sister is still trying to get her revenge.

The Cannibal Anaconda, Bunky Mutt Books (MacDonald Warne) 2011
36 pages, 8.5×8.5″, ISBN: 978-0987684509
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David Anderson
All of the illustrations in my kids books are done by the fabulous David Anderson. Check out his website!